Photo by Amy Mae Photos of Rochester, MN

Photo by Amy Mae Photos of Rochester, MN

goal: meaningful & functional design


RURALITY is the design studio of Paige Rautio based in beautiful Brule, Wisconsin.

My career started in high school, working at a small print shop here in the Wisconsin Northwoods. I was the grunt worker--mostly using the vinyl cutter, heat press or copy machine. I did dabble in a bit of print design here, though my biggest takeaway was pure, driven creativity. I will never not consider a unique printing method or material. Paper is wonderful, and texture is everything!

University of Minnesota Duluth owned me for four years. After exploring new trails and receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I landed a job laying out print advertising pages at multi-billion dollar company. I made my way up the latter to the Graphic Design team, becoming a source for fresh and new ideas. Working a successful, corporate design job was my dream, but I longed for those driftwood fires on the Big Lake.

I moved back to the clear pristine Northland air, but I knew I needed to diversify my print-heavy background. I accepted a position at a local television station designing web ads and digital sales materials. Digital design--CHECK! Next up? Video and motion graphics. I currently write, shoot, and edit commercial and promotional television commercials.

I consider myself as a well-rounded Graphic Designer and Marketer, but I am a lifelong learner. I see myself improving with every project and will jump at any opportunity to learn something new.